“Revelation: An Expositional and Devotional Commentary” by William Klock

Revelation has earned a reputation for being a difficult book to understand. Interpreters disagree with each other and often resort to complex schemes and explanations. In this commentary William Klock works through the book verse by verse with a narrative-historical approach, exploring and explaining the meaning of the text in light of the larger narrative of the Bible and the setting of the First Century Christians to whom John wrote. Looking at the Old Testament texts on which John draws, the historical records of the time, and working through the implications of the gospel, this book shows the simplicity of Revelation. Three key themes emerge for the Church: Tribulation, Perseverance, and Kingdom. The book is seen to be an exhortation to Christians living in the midst of opposition to stand firm and to proclaim the gospel in faith, knowing the faithfulness of God revealed in Jesus the Messiah. Its message is as relevant today as it was two-thousand years ago.

Copies of “Revelation: An Expositional and Devotional Commentary” can be purchased from lulu.com through the Anglican Expositor store.

Hardcover, 238 pages, US$20.00
Softcover, 238 pages, US$12.00
eBook US$8.99

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