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Book Review: “Reverberation” by Jonathan Leeman

I first saw Jonathan Leeman’s new book, Reverberation, promoted on the IX Marks blog, where my interest was piqued by the subtitle: “How God’s Word brings light, freedom, and action to His people”. Mark Dever’s book, Nine Marks of a … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Why Johnny Can’t Preach” by T. David Gordon

T. David Gordon’s book Why Johnny Can’t Preach is about two years old now and has been recommended to me several times.  I’m on holiday and wasn’t planning to do any “pastoral” reading on this trip, but (1) I love … Continue reading

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Four Indispensable Qualities of Good Preaching

Kevin DeYoung has posted some excellent comments on preaching on the Gospel Coalition blog this morning.  What he has to say is certainly spot on: I’m no expert in preaching. But I do it lot and I try to help … Continue reading

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Where does a pastor’s power come from?

I admit that I haven’t yet read Jonathan Leeman’s new book, Reverberation. In fact, it’s just out today, but my copy is on order and I’m looking forward to reading this book all about the power of the Word of … Continue reading

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