“Genesis: An Expositional and Devotional Commentary” by William Klock

ImageThis new instalment in our series of expositional commentaries includes sixty chapters adapted from Fr. Bill’s recent series of sermons on Genesis.  In the early chapters of the book Fr. Bill focuses our attention on the place of Genesis within the context of ancient cosmology and history, showing that much of today’s “Origins Debate” misses the point of Genesis by imposing modern ideas onto an ancient text.  Instead of reading Genesis as an account of material origins, Fr. Bill reads it as ancient people would have—as an account of functional origins—showing the themes of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness and showing God confronting false gods and pagans on their own turf.  The rest of the book follows these themes of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness as they are put on display in the calling of Abraham and his family and as God works through them to restore fallen humanity to himself. This a book for everyone interested in learning from Genesis.  Its devotional insights will encourage a deeper faith in the God who actively sustains his Creation.  We also hope that it serves for preachers as an example of good biblical exposition, and also shows how we can address from the pulpit difficult and contentious matters of biblical interpretation with grace.

Image(Hardcover, 469 pages, US$30.00)

Image(Paperback, 469 pages, US$20.00)

Image(Electronic, epub format, US$8.99)

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