An excellent article on the nature of preaching as God’s Word was posted today on The Gospel Coalition blog.  Anyabwile always has good insights to share on preaching, but his thoughts here are particularly good.  I’ve been working my way through Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics of late and had recently been pondering his assertion that proclamation of the biblical witness is truly God’s Word.  Anyabwile affirms this profound truth.

Something indescribable happens whenever we faithfully preach God’s word. God speaks, too. He speaks first. He speaks powerfully. He speaks presently. His voice rings true insofar as His word comes through. This mean the preacher never preaches alone when he preaches the Bible. This means the power of preaching derives from God, not the preacher. This means all preaching should be expositional. This means the preacher should put His trust in God and His Word. This means preaching is glorious!

Consider what it means that as preachers our words are God’s words.  Such knowledge drives me to my knees in prayer and motivates me to biblical faithfulness.  Read the full article here.

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