“Holy Baptism” by Darwell Stone

The Anglican Expositor is pleased to bring back into print Stone’s Holy Baptism. Originally printed as part of the Oxford Library of Practical Theology—a popular series of books from the early 20th Century—this little book offers an excellent overview of the history, doctrine, and significance of the Sacrament. Stone’s presentation is both scholarly enough to satisfy the theologically trained clergyman and plain enough to be accessible to the layman. The text itself is very accessible, because the technical details and discussion as well as the lengthy quotes in Greek and Latin from the Fathers have been collected in the back as endnotes.  Stone offers a thorough overview of the history of the practice and development of the doctrine of Baptism while clearly showing the Biblical and Patristic roots of the what is taught by the Church of England and her Prayer Book. The book covers the Scriptural doctrines behind the Sacrament, the development of the doctrine from Apostolic times, the meaning of the Sacrament, the practical signifcance of its application, and also discusses the form, the matter, and the minister of Baptism.  This new edition has been entirely re-typeset and some of the notes and references have been updated to modern standards.  You can view a fifteen page preview of the book here. It is my hope to reprint two companion volumes as well: Stone’s “Holy Commuion” and A.C.A. Hall’s “Confirmation”.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.(Hardcover, 191 pages, US$20.00)
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.(Paperback, 191 pages, US$12.00)

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