A New Page: Resources for Sunday

In additional to a lot of books that I use during my study and sermon preparation, I’ve also got several large notebooks filled with my own study notes and various resources I’ve found helpful.  If I don’t think I’ll remember a particular source, I’ll often photocopy a few pages and file them in the binder under “Trinity 17” or “Ascension Sunday”.  With the availability of so many out-of-print book on the Internet these days, I’ve also found that I’ve got reams of printouts that I’ve used during sermon prep.  These PDF files always seem to get lost somewhere on my hard drive, so I find it necessary to keep hard copies.  The notebooks keep getting heavier…

A while back I was introduced to an amazing free application called Evernote.  You can use Evernote to store virtually anything as long as it’s digital, from to-do lists, a snapshot from your iPhone of the wine label from dinner last night, Web bookmarks, recipes, travel reservations…and all those files you found online that you use during sermon prep and that promptly get lost somewhere in your hard drive during the next week.  This is great for me.  Not only does Evernote let me organise the things I found online this week as I was writing my sermon, but it gives me a place to store all those other things I found that I don’t need right now, but that I’d like to save for next week, next month, or next year —things that would otherwise get lost between now and then.  But there’s more!  Evernote  also has a neat feature that lets its users share their Evernote “notebooks” via the Web.  And that’s what I’ll be doing on this new Resources for Sunday page.  Each Sunday and Holy Day will…eventually…be linked to a shared Evernote notebook where you will have access to most of the resources that I’ve found helpful and have stored away in that week’s notebook.

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